About Eclaro Academy:

Eclaro Academy is a technology-oriented academic institution that adheres to student-centered pedagogical approach. The school believes in the philosophy of progressive learning which basically emphasizes exploration, creativity, construction of knowledge, and the genuine concern for the experience of the student which allows every Eclaro enrollee to develop a well-rounded personality.


To be among Asia’s top academic institutions committed to nurture innovative learners and develop excellent leaders through technology-oriented, environmentally-sound, and globally-competitive education.


To transform the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of learners in order for them to become holistic individuals and useful members of a fast-changing global community.


Lead, lead us forward Eclaro

Towards the enlightenment we aim

Your guiding light gives us the power

World-class education we proclaim

Eclaro hold high your flag

Symbol of honor and truth

Let it fly for us to see

Proud sons and daughters we all are

In the quest for knowledge unified

We trust that you’re always there to guide

To your values and standards

Our heads we bow so gratefully

We’ll keep alive all the values you teach

Your ever priceless legacy

Eclaro hold high your flag

Symbol of honor and truth

Let it fly for us to see

Proud sons and daughters we all are

In the quest for knowledge unified

We trust that you’re always there to guide

Eclaro. Eclaro. Eclaro….

The Logo

Eclaro Academy

The Shield symbolizes the role of education as a source of knowledge and power to fight against the shackles of ignorance and poverty

The Key represents the infinite world of ideas and the wealth of opportunities in life that can be opened once the desire for learning is unlocked

The Book stands for the search for truth, knowledge, and excellence which every student must pursue through life-long learning.

Ethicis refers to the ethical or moral obligation of every individual to use one’s knowledge and talents for the common good, to preserve humanity, to promote peace and harmony, and to protect the environment that sustains life; without ethics, knowledge may become destructive to humankind.

Virtus means excellent knowledge and skills derived from continuous training and education which give an individual the power to transform and use one’s potentials to the fullest;

Eruditus represents enlightenment achieved through years of scholarly pursuits, dedication and perseverance to polish one’s self and achieve the real meaning and purpose of one’s life.

The letter E represents Eclaro Academy as an academic institution guided by the principles of ethics, excellence and enlightenment.

The circle around the letter E symbolizes the perfection of knowledge and the world that we live in

The color blue is a symbol of truth, stability, peace, and harmony that can only be achieved by the proper use of knowledge. While green represents the abundance of nature, the prosperity of humankind, and the longevity of life brought forth by excellent and quality education acquired.


ECLARO ACADEMYprides itself with its culture of excellence.

Before ECLARO ACADEMY comes to the spotlight of the education industry in the metro, it was Cosmotec College. It took its flagship sprint on November 4, 2013 at Number 7 Zuzuarrgui Street, Old Balara, Quezon City, where there were two students enrolled, Ishe Angel dela Rosa and Jhon Joseph Abringe, both at the Grade 5 level.

The landscape of nurturing the learning path of the academic venue was very minimal as ECLARO ACADEMY tries to find people who will be part of the wagon of school administrators and academicians who will be on hand in dealing the school affairs. Indeed, it found people of caliber because Eclaro Academy is one of the best-managed schools in the metro.

During the Academic Year 2014-2015, ECLARO ACADEMY started its full operation with 150 students enrolled from Nursery to Grade 6. At the same time, submitted its application to offer Grades 7-8. The following year, it offered Nursery to Grade 8. Until such time it offered Grades 9-10. The Preschool and Junior High School use the LMS platform in delivering online classes in partnership with C&E Publishing Company.

ECLARO ACADEMYSenior High School started since the Academic Year 2016-2017 in pursuance of the Republic Act No. 10533 which was signed by Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III into a Law on May 15, 2013. It is the Enhanced Basic Education Act mandating twelve years in the Philippine Basic Education system which empowers every Filipino learner to become competitive in their career path or any discipline they wish to pursue upon completing the K to 12 Program.

The school offers Academic Tracks; ABM (Accounting, Business and Management), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), GAS (General Academic Strand), HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences), and Technical-Vocational Track; HE (Home Economics), and ICT (Information, Communication and Technology).

During the pilot opening of the Senior High School program, there were 400 students enrolled as Grade 11. At the end of the school year, ECLARO ACADEMY received its Recognition Permit from the Department of Education (DepEd) to offer Basic Education.

In a short span of time, ECLARO ACADEMY has set its footprints as a leading Basic Education provider and so its popularity became widespread that there was a need to expand and open its Paragon Place Building, and Estolano Building in Cubao to accommodate 1200 enrollees of Senior High School Students Grades 11 and 12.

One very significant feature of the academic roadmap of ECLARO ACADEMY is the utilization of e-learning platform on the pursuit of distance and blended learning. Being dynamic members of the institution, the SHS department has shown commitment to the development of modules. This platform is very useful in catering to self-paced learning among students in accomplishing learning activities via any gadgets guided by the learning outcomes per subject.

The immersion of G12 batch has changed direction, and that was giving the students their liberty to choose the industry of work they wish to pursue in college. Hence, the school got into contracts with industry partners for immersion deployment off-campus to various companies. And the stories of experiential learning were commendable.


ECLARO ACADEMYadheres to the culture of excellence. So, on November 2017, it presented its first Action Research titled “Complementation of Teachers and Technology in Grade 11 Mathematics and Science Classrooms”, at the National Conference on Research in Teacher Education (NCRTE), held at the University of the Philippines. Because of its drive in seeding a culture of research among its stakeholders, the school presented a series of paper; the “ICT-Assisted Classroom for Millennial Learners: Bridging the Gaps in Learning and Teaching”, at the 10th International Conference on Teacher Education (ICTED) on August 2018 at Quezon City, and “The ICT-Assisted Classroom: From Teacher-Dependence to Independence and Interdependence in Learning”, at the Asian Conference on Education and International Development (ACEID), held in Tokyo, Japan on March 2019.

The increasing demand of pursuit in catering specialized education, ECLARO ACADEMY acquired Metrobank-Lenjul Branch, along Commonwealth Avenue, where the Deaf Program was offered with initially 23 students and 5 Special Education teachers.

Currently, by the School Year 2020-2021, there are 2200 students enrolled soaring beyond excellence from Preschool to College.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is recognized by CHED Resolution No. 153-2000, with Government Recognition No. 075, Series of 2018.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a versatile degree that trains students for many different career paths. It prepares students to acquire skills and disciplines required for designing, writing and modifying software components, modules and applications that comprise software solutions.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication is recognized by CHED by virtue of Resolution No. 153-2000, with Government Recognition No. 032, Series of 2017.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication readies students for a broad range of media-related positions. Students expect to hone their writing skills, perform highly complex conceptual analysis and develop critical thinking skills, as well as closely study the laws and ethical guidelines of media and communications. Students will be trained using tools and modern-day media technology commonly used within the communications field.

Bachelor of Science in Criminologyseeks to promote a responsible attitude among students through the assimilation of a noble concept of citizenship and leadership, the understanding of their moral and legal responsibilities to their fellowmen, community, and country; and the development of the ideals, attitudes, and habits needed to become responsible officers to prepare the students through excellent training where they gain a solid background on the Philippine Constitution and related laws, master the technical and theoretical aspects of police science, and use modern forensic instruments and police equipment.