Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer Science is a versatile degree that trains students for many different career paths. It prepares students to acquire skills and disciplines required for designing, writing and modifying software components, modules and applications that comprise software solutions.

Graduates can work in the technology sector, government, financial services, healthcare, or communications. These industries increasingly rely on digital services to serve their customers and patients, and computer scientists help develop websites, manage data, and keep computer networks running smoothly.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is recognized by CHED Resolution No. 153-2000, with Government Recognition No. 075, Series of 2018.

Job Opportunities awaits for ECLARIAN graduates!

  • Application Support Analyst
  • Applications Software Dev.
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Information Researcher
  • IT Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Program Manager
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Security Analyst
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Software Development Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Support Specialist
  • Software Test Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • System Manager
  • System Software Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Developer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Web Developer

Job Opportunities awaits for ECLARIAN graduates!

  • Advertising (creative director, copywriter, account/brand manager, media planner)
  • Public Relations (corporate communications/PR Director, writer/publicist)
  • Marketing (marketing/brand manager, researcher)
  • Broadcasting (TV/ film director, news reporter/anchor, program/segment host, producer, researcher)
  • Events Management (Events and promotions manager)
  • Film/ Video/Production Houses (actor, director, scriptwriter, cinematographer)
  • Academe (lecturer/professor)

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Communication employs innovative, cutting-edge, trans- disciplinary and integrative approaches that lead to the seamless integration of instruction, research, and extension in the fields of Communication and Media Studies, with particular focus on General Communication, Broadcast, Integrated Marketing Communication, and Communication Research with the aim of producing ethical and socially responsible practitioners.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication readies students for a broad range of media-related positions. Students expect to hone their writing skills, perform highly complex conceptual analysis and develop critical thinking skills, as well as closely study the laws and ethical guidelines of media and communications. Students will be trained using tools and modern-day media technology commonly used within the communications field.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication is recognized by CHED by virtue of Resolution No. 153-2000, with Government Recognition No. 032, Series of 2017.


Bachelor of Science in Criminology focuses on the study of historical and contemporary patterns of crime and victimization, the social etiology of criminality, social responses to crime, and the processes of crime control. Criminologists combine theoretical and empirical methods to study crime and delinquency, including the manner in which offenders are processed. The functions and dynamics of the criminal justice system are studied in detail with emphasis on the linkage between these processes and various social institutions and organizations.

The Criminology Curriculum is designed for students who are interested in studying the causes, prevention, and control of criminal activity. Students acquire a broad base of knowledge about crime, criminals, victims, and the justice system

This program seeks to promote a responsible attitude among students through the assimilation of a noble concept of citizenship and leadership, the understanding of their moral and legal responsibilities to their fellowmen, community, and country; and the development of the ideals, attitudes, and habits needed to become responsible officers to prepare the students through excellent training where they gain a solid background on the Philippine Constitution and related laws, master the technical and theoretical aspects of police science, and use modern forensic instruments and police equipment.

Job Opportunities awaits for ECLARIAN graduates!

  • Department Head, Dean, Assistant Head or Dean of School, College or University
  • Director or assistant director; professor or instructor for Review Center of the Board of Criminology
  • Instructor, Professor or Guest Lecturer for Public Safety Academy; Training Institutes; Military Academics or Law Schools
  • President, Vice President or General Manager or Assistant for Private Security and Investigation Agency
  • Manager or Administration Manager or Officer; Operation Officer; Intelligence Officer; Supply Officer; Accounting Officer; Chief Investigator or Investigator; Training Director or Officer; Inspector, Liaison Officer
  • Security Consultant and Private Detective for PNP Security Agencies and Guard Supervision Division (PNPSAGSD)
  • Document Examiner; Ballistician; Polygraph Examiner; PNP and NBI Crime Laboratories; Crime Photographer; Forensic Chemist and Fingerprint Specialist Examiner
  • Legal Investigator for Law Offices
  • Bank Signature Verifier
  • Instructor in seminars or training courses conducted by the POEA; TESDA; MARINA; DNV; ABS
  • Credit, Background, or Arson Investigators for Insurance Companies
  • Chief or Assistant Chief Security; Chief or Assistant Chief for Primary business establishments such as 5-star hotels, hospitals, exclusive schools, international airports, public utilities -MERALCO, PLDT, MWSS
  • Investigator; Intelligence Officer; Security Officer
  • Special Skilled Instructor that offers short courses on self-defense
  • Discipline Officer
  • Traffic Consultant, Investigator and Officer for Metro Manila Development Authority
  • Senior or Special Investigator or Agent; Human Rights Commission; Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; Ombudsman; NAPOLCOM; NICA and NSA
  • Full Pledge Agent of the National Bureau of Investigation
  • Operator or proprietor of Gun and Ammunition Store; Shooting Range Facilities
  • Investigative Journalist; Cameramen; Media Practitioner
  • Criminal Sociologist; Psychologist; Criminal Psychiatrist for Penal or Jail Institution
  • Certifier for renewal of license to operate of Security Agency
  • Signatories as attesting professional of Firearms and Explosives Division
  • Safety Officer or Administrator
  • Safety and Security Measures of High-Rise Structural Building
  • Security Consultant; Officer; Escort or Armor Officials
  • Investigative Assessor for Building Permit Section of Local Govt. Units
  • Forensic Chemistry Expert; Examiner; Toxicologist in Law Enforcement Crime Laboratory
  • Document Analyst; Examiner of Land Title, Bureau of Land and Land Registration Authority
  • Correspondence Investigator
  • Chief Narcotic Officer; Assistant; Chief Narcotic Officer;
  • Chief Narcotic Agent
  • Crime Statistician or Analyst
  • Criminal Scientist
  • Police Officer
  • Jail Officer
  • Fire Officer
  • Private Investigator