Literacy skills start long before a child learns the ABCs. From day one, children start to develop communication skills that will allow them to both comprehend and convey words and ideas. Their interactions form important language building blocks as they begin to point at objects or follow gaze to determine what is important. As they grow, they learn to use the tools of language to communicate ideas in increasingly clear and powerful ways.It develops their social, emotional, literacy and fine motor skills, on which they need to build during their lifetime. During this period, a child learns by engaging its sense of hearing, sight, smell, and touch.


ECLARO ACADEMYpromotes communication skills early by helping children make connections between what they hear and what they see. Playing rhyming games and singing songs highlights the sounds of language, and they learn to map sounds to letters.

At kindergarten, children learn from various activities such as dance, music, art and games, how to think, recognize objects and language, and express themselves.

ECLARO GRAMMAR SCHOOL provides a home that is full of print, using new and interesting words for familiar concepts, telling stories and reading books that spark conversation, to contribute to your child’s ability to communicate in the world.