ECLARO ACADEMY Junior High School is a hub of excellent secondary education that aims to develop critical and analytical thinking as well as exceptional communication and social skills while instilling values among its students. They are given a good understanding of concepts such as representative government, national sovereignty, and the Filipino way of life as they develop vocational and technological proficiency and efficiency.

Junior High School Curriculum

At Eclaro Academy, English is used as the medium of instruction in all subjects except Filipino. It is the institution’s belief that complete familiarity with the English language is critical to a more effective social and economic role of the child.

The Junior High School is very conscious of the importance of a good command of the English language in secondary education and has taken the option of shortening the four years of education into the first two years and devoting the class time saved into additional English subjects. In addition, the Junior High School initiated steps in improving our subjects by including the Technology Enabled Materials (TEM) in teaching all our subjects.



  1. To reinforce the faith life and spirituality of the High School Eclarians and lead them towards a strengthened moral fiber and discerning dispositions in life;
  2. To enhance the mastery of the learning tools attained in the Grade School level towards maximized utilization for lifelong learning;
  3. To facilitate discovery of their aptitudes and interests, strengthen personal discipline and integrity, and prepare them towards higher education and/or the field of work;
  4. To provide learning opportunities and immersion for social responsibility, peace building, and community involvement.